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Falling in Love with Strawberry Shortcake

I often eat nothing but chocolate when it comes to cakes, but I have to make an exception for Bizu’s strawberry shortcake.


The first time I saw it at Bizu, I knew I had to try it, but unfortunately, I purposely left my wallet to keep myself from spending. It took me a while to finally taste it since it wasn’t always available. Bizu only stocks them for two days, and sometimes, they don’t even have it at all!

I got the chance when I met friends for dinner, supposedly at Bulgogi Brothers. But because of certain events, we ended up eating at Bizu, instead.

And I’m so thankful we did.

The cake was so moist and fluffy despite being more than a day old. The strawberries gave a different flavor profile, giving a kick of berry-sourness to the cake’s white-chocolate goodness. And while I haven’t been a fan of white chocolate either, it’s quite obvious that this cake made it to the “exceptions” list.

And the cream inside…let’s just say i can’t get enough of the decadently addictive creaminess.

I tried to get one today. Unfortunately, no dice. My family would just have to wait a while longer to try it. After all, patience is a virtue.

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